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The Infinite Compendium of the Cosmos

This leather bound tome has a cover that comes from the tanned skin of some indeterminate creature, its scaly flesh irredescent in the candle light. It’s pages are infinite, sages have died of exhaustion attempting to sit and read through its entirety. It is obviously magical, utilizing a transdimensional spell of some sort to store an infinite amount of pages with an infinite amount of text. No matter what plane you desire to research, it is always the first page you turn to. No one knows who the author is, although many of the illustrations bear the initials of “CW”.

This is a resource where the various planes will be discussed ad nauseum. There are literally an infinite number of planes, thus only a small portion can be written about. Each one is a place of adventure with its own creatures, histories, stories, and peoples.

Planes of the Cosmos

Tor Devakh Rathlon Dalareth Alacaron Xuan Dao Kolderran
Khaleth Ulgurat Celidil Dulkath Akropolis Rhodos
Kissane Talensia Tellikar

Main Page

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