Welcome Traveler

You are a Planeswalker, a unique creature with the innate ability to travel at will across the multiverse. Planeswalkers come in every size, shape, and species imaginable from across the cosmos. They stand mighty above gods, bound to their home plane, and their petty squabbles. They share a common bond, a key element that allows them to stand head and shoulders above all others. They know of the true danger that threatens all of reality, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

Using the Pathfinder system and inspired by the backstory of Magic the Gathering, you and your party come from different worlds and yet you all share the common bond of being a planeswalker. There are literally thousands of unique and in depth worlds for you to explore. Your party may seem completely random, with half-orc ninjas fighting side by side with post-apocalyptic sorcerer mutant barbarians. Planeswalkers have many different unique special abilities that stem from the spark that gives them the ability to planeswalk.

Infinite Worlds